Device Options stocks and offers the following devices for the AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Networks which are listed below. All devices purchased from us come with a 1 year warranty – as long as service is active. For an additional $5/m (each) we offer “Accident Protection” and “Upgrade Guarantee”

On the AT&T network we allow any AT&T branded or compatible LTE device to be used with our service/sims. Customers may request a sim card from us, or you may purchase one for $9.99 at your local Walmart or CVS Pharmacy. Just provide us the SIM card #, and we can have it activated in as little as 5 minutes. Only the AT&T and Sprint networks allow you to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The T-Mobile and Verizon networks will require a new device from – We do however allow for device exchanges if you already have a device on these networks. This option is presented at checkout.

  • Accident Protection – Exactly what it sounds like – We will repair or replace any damaged device purchased from us with active Accident Protection within 3 business days. Unlike the major providers – we don’t have red tape, and there is no “processing” or “deductible”. Just $5/m – plain and simple.
  • Upgrade Guarantee – As you know, wireless technology changes rapidly, and about every 2 years there is a new “Wireless Frequency” or other improvements by every carrier to stay competitive. However, if your device isn’t brand-spankin’ new – chances are – it isn’t going to work on that new fancy, higher speed, frequency. So, we will replace any device purchased from us, every 24 months, with the “latest” device of the same category, absolutely free of charge if you have paid your $5/m fee. No “upgrade fee”, no “activation fee”, simply no nonsense. Pay $5/m and every 24 months, get a shiny new device. You can even keep that old device, or return it for a $25 bill credit.

Devices We Offer

Below, you will find the connected devices we offer and their price. Note that you may be able to find them cheaper somewhere else, and that is perfectly fine. That will save us the hassle of shipping and handling, but just remember it will not have our “No Nonsense” guarantee. We do have some enterprise gear not listed, made by Pepwave that we can custom quote if you have special enterprise needs. Just contact us by phone 256-400-0500 or by Sales Contact Form

Netgear Nighthawk M1Netgear Nighthawk M1Netgear Nighthawk M1