What is NAT Blaster®

We are pleased to announce our newest product, the NAT Blaster® hardware device, and service.

What is NAT Blaster®?

NAT Blaster® is an inline device that provides you a 100% unrestricted internet connection, with a dedicated IP address (up to 64 static public IP’s). The device takes your internet connection, which can be a 4G LTE data connection from us, or ANY other internet connection, and then provides you an ethernet port with direct access to our data center, where our core routers will assign you a static IP address. Now, no matter what type of connection, or who your provider is, you can have static IP’s that are fully unrestricted. Best of all, your Static IP stays the same, no matter if you change ISP, or take the device with you on the road. All data to our data center is encrypted, so it’s even better than a VPN for personal privacy and security.

We even support custom RDNS.

You’ll need a static IP if you want to…

Host your own File or FTP server If your business often needs to receive large files then you’ll probably be investigating setting up your own FTP server so people can send you files. If so, you’ll benefit from having your own static IP address so that your suppliers, clients or anyone else can reliably connect to your server.

Host your own website or domain name server To ensure your website is able to respond to queries for your domain name, it will need to be associated with your static IP address. Your domain name is what your customers will enter into a browser, or Google will come up with, when trying to access your website.

Use other servers or equipment Most software that other companies connect to online will benefit from a static IP address, as it makes connecting to and testing over the internet much easier. Other examples where you may want a static IP address include:

  • email or chat servers
  • important servers, such as backup web servers
  • database servers
  • network equipment
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) equipment, which allows people to remotely access applications

Point domain names to your servers and equipment Domain names are much easier to configure and use when they are pointing to a static IP address, otherwise, you would have to update your domain name’s IP address each time you get a new one. For example, if you want to configure the domain name backup.mycompany.com to point to your backup server you will find it much easier to use a static IP address.

How does it work? 

Your NAT Blaster® can be configured in two ways. The standard consumer NAT Blaster® connects to your network using WiFi by default, for the easiest deployment. The NAT Blaster® connects via WiFi to your existing internet connection, then it connects to our core network and establishes an encrypted bridge to our core routers, you then connect the gear you want to provide a static IP to, via the Ethernet out port on the NAT Blaster®. Then you configure your equipment with the static IP information we assign you. (Static IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP, DNS Server). – and yes, our technical support can walk you through this all.

Anything connected to the Ethernet out port is exposed directly to the internet, as if it was in our datacenter and plugged into the core router. All ports are open, and no restrictions.

You can also choose the option to connect the USB to Ethernet adapter, which will serve as an inbound internet connection to the NAT Blaster®, instead of using WiFi, which is good for permanent connections, and the best speeds.

Tired of not being able to use your Xbox, or other devices behind some internet connections that have strict NAT you can’t configure, the NAT Blaster® solves this completely.

Nat Blaster® Product Pricing:

There are 3 models, each Static IP cost $10/m

  • $60 Micro – Palm-sized NAT Blaster® that supports speeds of 50Mbps down/50Mbps up (dependant on your existing data connection), and up to 5 Static IP Addresses
  • $120 Small Business – Ultra Small Desktop form factor NAT Blaster®, size of a small paperback book, that supports speeds of 400Mbps down / 400Mbps up and up to 30 Static IP Addresses
  • $250 Enterprise – NAT Blaster®, size of a ream of printer paper, that supports speeds of 1Gbps down / 1Gbps up and up to 62 Static IP Addresses

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