Verizon Wireless – The End of Unlimited Data

Verizon Wireless has officially started to shutter all the remaining Unlimited Data lines of service that do not have soft limits (22/25gb) and throttling restrictions in place. The only remaining Verizon Wireless “Unlimited Data plan” is the new bogus Unlimited plans, that do in-fact actually have limits – lots of them.

These limits include:

  • Soft Data Caps – Go over XX amount of data and get throttled down to near dial-up speed.
  • Throttling – Can be caused by going over XX amount of data, or could be content specific throttling based on type of content being requested.
  • HD Video “Optimization” – Should really be called HD Video Block – as Verizon now blocks anything over 480p by default, and requires you to pay an extortion fee of $10 per month to have anyting above 480p – but will still block 4k content. Oh, and you are still subject to your “soft data cap” and anything over the “soft data cap” even when paying the $10 extortion, is still throttled to dial-up speed, so technically they will let you download or stream that 1080p video – but if you are over your soft data limit – be prepared to let your video buffer to minutes or hours.

Verizon Wireless has embraced the “screw you” attitude (they have always had it to some degree), but since the net neutrality repeal on December 14th, 2017 Verizon Wireless has been hard at work burning the midnight oil in order to enact new policies, and is using small print along with strong-arm tactics (they feel untouchable and unstoppable) to force existing customer, and corporations (even accounts with long-term contracts still active) to migrate to new rate plans, or simply be suspended from service indefinitely.

Obviously, as predicted, the repeal of net neutrality was not about helping consumers, and certainly not about helping rural broadband development. Most people are aware, but in the event, you were not aware, did you know that the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, is a former Verizon Wireless lawyer. The amount of corruption is astounding, and Mr. Pai does not even try to hide the fact he is still in bed with Verizon Wireless, Leaked Video Shows FCC Chair Ajit Pai Roasting Himself With ‘Jokes’ About Being a Verizon Shill.

Even more surprising, seeing as they have a history of acting more like Verizon Wireless is today – and were the original greedy telecom – AT&T Wireless has notified it’s customers with grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans that their plans will be safe, and not subject to any changes. Unfortunately, they still won’t open up and offer new lines of service with truly unlimited data, but they promise not to screw with customers who already have grandfathered unlimited data plans. (New AT&T Unlimited Data Plans are subject to just about the same identical restrictions as Verizon Wireless new Unlimited Data Plans).

Fortunately, for you – the consumer – there are a number of dormant grandfathered AT&T Unlimited Data Plans still in existence. Over the last few years, Verizon Wireless has been known as the “go to” for Unlimited Data plans, especially in rural areas, due to their incredible coverage. Quietly, AT&T (and T-Mobile) have been playing catchup, and have almost matched Verizon Wireless’ rural coverage. Now that new lower frequency LTE spectrum is being turned on, that coverage will only continue to increase. Verizon Wireless was able to build their expansive LTE coverage thanks to their 700Mhz LTE frequency, but not AT&T and T-Mobile have 600Mhz LTE going live.

At the end of the day, things change, and Verizon Wireless is the largest, most profitable wireless service. They do not care about the little guy, we just don’t make them enough money. They are no longer interested in the rural areas, as the profit per mile is minimal compared to the big cities.

So, if you have Verizon Wireless grandfathered unlimited data, the end of an era is coming. For some it will be this week, and for others next week, but very soon, all grandfathered accounts will be suspended unless you agree to migrate to a “data pool” with overages anywhere from $8-10 per GB, or a “New” & “Better” unlimited plan, that actually just sucks due to the new restrictions.

If you wish to give AT&T a try, now is the time to do it. Do not wait until your Verizon Wireless is shut down, and you are left with no internet. Thousands of consumers are being forced to switch, and there are simply only a handful of AT&T grandfathered accounts not being used. Once all the accounts are being used, prices will skyrocket just like they did with Verizon Unlimited Data. Currently, AT&T is going for $120-150 per grandfathered unlimited data line in most areas. ( is currently selling for only $100/m). However, it is expected to top the price of Verizon Wireless grandfathered accounts, which as of now are going for $250-280 per grandfathered unlimited data line.

So please, take a moment, and have a plan to move forward, and protect your access to truly unlimited data – before you find yourself offline or forced to pay exorbitant rates.

(You may purchase a Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan from AT&T Wireless here)